Rinse This Track

All apologies! I have been busy working on EDM production and music for the rest of the workd with Steve Konkel and have been a little busy to pay proper attention to this blog.

Well, anyway... We are getting ready to release my new single which will be available April 5th through Soundfreq Music and I though I would also share it here.

Please take a listen, cop a download, and if you like it you can always support by buying the download!

Grassy Ass!

Rinse & Repeat by NateMetro


Know When To Hold 'em, Know When To Fold 'em

Riddle for you: What do you get when you cross a video game designer, too much free time, and the need for a Halloween costume?

Answer: A fucking badass.


lala Steps Up

Big news for the virtually unknown music download site, lala.com. Seems that they are about to become a household name - at least with independent artists.

You can already find Soundfreq tracks here.

Read about the news here.

P.S. We are tracking the whole Spotify thing. If it gets RIAA and performance guild approval for the US it may take it ALL over!


D-I-R-T-Y! Gutter Life Rocks Socks!

Ever hear a track and the bass just makes you feel like you got your guts kicked out? Yeah, you dig it.

Steve Konkel
's new joint on Soundfreq Music is exactly that type of shit. With a release date slated for October 19th on Juno, this dubstep roller has plenty of shit going on and just in time for your Halloween gigs. Not for the faint of heart, you know that any low frequency fanatic will be completely satisfied when the bassline drops.

What's really dope is that it packs the intensity of and drive of a 4/4 wobble anthem, but in a halftime package.

He threw this up on Soundcloud with very little thought behind it and it has already been included on several mixes. Don't miss this shit... IT'S THE JOINT!

Gutter Life (Original Mix) by Steve Konkel


Socks Are Up! Need Your Votes Please!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have entered Mad Decent's Major Lazer remix contest for the song "Pon De Floor." The original is a stomper and I went all ravey/anthem on that ass for the remix.

Give it a listen and if you like it go ahead and click to vote. I really appreciate it!




Right now Soundfreq Music is offering you an exclusive download of the new COP CAR mix, 'Donuts & Bear Claws'. This is a must have for anyone who feels like EDM has been a little stale. Lots of great tracks programmed and mixed in a great stylee.

To get it, simply sign up for the VIP at Soundfreq Music and they will email the link right to your inbox.

Here is the tracklist:
COP CAR - Rinse Shifter (Taking It Back)
Herve - Mars - Exclusive Herve re-fix
Disco Villains - Face Down
Schlachthofbronx - Poppin
Machines Don't Care - Afro Jacker
Hostage - Murder Rocket
Udachi - Jellyroll
COP CAR - Loosen It Up
COP CAR & Nate Metro - Bout That Paper
Schlachthofbronx - Ghettosuperstar
Disco Villains - Whoomp! There It Is
Toddla T - Inna Di Dancehall (Count of Monte Cristal & Sinden remix)
Konrad - They Call It Murder
Hey Champ DJ's - Early Sensation
Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Alex Rage remix)
B52's - Juliette In The Spirits (Saint Pauli Remix)
Udachi - Paypur
COP CAR - Flash The Message
Darling Farah - Darling Birds
M.I.A. - Paper Planes (Dskotek Remix)
COP CAR - Bum Rush The DS Drop (Boltan/DZ-Nine to Five Nate Metro Edit)
DJ Rampage - Hittin' Switches
DJ C - This My Juice (ft. K-Swift)
Rich Boy - Throw Some D's (Jean Nipon refix)
Jacob London - Sausages For All
Mochipet - Minimal Gangster Rap
Nate Metro - Eat Meat
Enur feat. Natasja - Calabria(Maddjazz remix)
Bell Biv Devoe - Poison (Million $ Mano Remix)
Example - So Many Roads (Herve remix)
Ludachrist - How Does It Feel
The Funk Out - Dirty Out On The Floor (Nate Metro's Private Remix)
COP CAR - Officer Down (Going Down Edit)



Speaking of Cats & Dawgs

With the exceptional response received from the release of my "Gato Means Cat" track off of the "Dirty Verde EP" on Soundfreq Music I am proud to announce that a follow-up Remix EP is set to be released.

This EP contains remixes by Soundfreq's resident mad scientist, Steve Konkel, Shush Music's gangster of love Matty Scoll, Nu Style Records (UK)'s wobble fiend, Twisted Bitz, and Soundfreq's dubstep & bassline rokker J-Rokk.

There truly is a remix for any set so long as you plan on pissing off a sound guy. All mixes feature hardcore bass and great production. They run the gamut from electro house to dubstep.

Make sure you set a reminder in your calendar to grab yourself a copy of these tracks which are available September 21st at Juno and elsewhere October 5th.
Gato Means Cat (The Remixes) by natemetro

Cop Car Gwan Go Boom

COP CAR is all set to unleash their next two releases.

On Monday August 24th "Flash The Message" is released. We think you will not only recognize the sample used on the break but fully appreciate it. This isn't exactly standard COP CAR production but seems to be a more universal affair.

Then, on August 31st COP CAR releases its "COP TESTED CAR APPROVED" e.p. full of dance floor stingers designed to assist with transitions not only out of difficult tracks but also for shifting BPM's.

Finally, expect to hear COP CAR's debut mix which will be released as soon as their hangover wears off and they fucking get around to uploading it. This will be available exclusively through Soundfreq Music's VIP membership club. If you aren't already a member, don't sleep! Join here today.

Stay tuned - even more heat coming from these cats.



The Days Before Genre Pollution

Just in case you didn't get the memo, the 1990's were pretty important to me with regard to electronic music. To this day I find myself actively influenced by the mix tapes I memorized during that time. In fact, though the musical textures and instrumentation have changed quite a bit, I still find myself duplicating and being attracted to phrasing that became prevalent during what I fondly remember as the "Days Before Genre Pollution." Music was either good or it wasn't.

Why the nostalgia? I'll tell you. My old friend John Doe sent me a little message that simply said: "Check this out: www.http://www....".

What he sent me is Old Fool Gold! There are digitized mixes from people like DJ Dan, Feelgood, The Hardkiss brothers, The Freestylers, and many many more. There is even a mix from Carlos (CDC San Francisco) who was one of my favorites and happened to be playing when I strolled into my first warehouse.

So go clear some space on your iPod and have a download party!

Check it out HERE.


Thank You Les Paul

A recording legend, guitar virtuoso, and inventor, Les Paul, passed away last night at the age of 94.

While many young producers may only recognize the name they all have Mr. Paul to thank for the multi-track recording we all do today and take for granted. Even this is only one of many accomplishments he had. I highly recommend reading up about him and all the things he did during his prolific and full life.

So, a heartfelt BassBoogie thank you and goodbye to Les. Much respect.

"I used my mother's radio as a PA system. I'd take the telephone, the speaking part, and take those two leads off and lead them into the radio and the sound would come out of the speaker."
-Les Paul

"Now I need to take a piece of wood and make it sound like the railroad track, but I also had to make it beautiful and lovable so that a person playing it would think of it in terms of his mistress, a bartender, his wife, a good psychiatrist - whatever."

-Les Paul


Palmsout & Sharkslayer!

Just learned that my "Hyphy Reggae" remix by Yacek made it on DJ Sharkslayer's Palmsout mix.


Check it out here.

Morten Timmerman & Rudi Stakker - Siren
Franky Rizardo - Flutetest
Sis - Bubu
Oliver $ - The Greatest
Daniel Steinberg - In My Home
Yankee Zulu - Prang Out
Daniel Haaksman - Pobum Coco (Sharkslayer bass dub)
Lenka & Nadastrom - Trouble Is A Friend (Sharkslayer Nassau edit)
Edu K - Ja, Mann
Don Diablo - Disco Disco Disco (Mowgli remix)
Freeform Five - Wonder Strikes Again (Malente's champion sound remix)
Jaimie Fanatic & DJ Rockid - Move & Mingle
Jamtech Foundation - Obeah
Digital Manges - Manges (Sharkslayer club mix)
Boy 8-Bit - Wolfen
Sharkslayer - So Sincere (Renaissance Man remix)
Momma's Boy - Give It Up
Yacek - Hyphy Reggae (Nate Metro Gunshot mix)
Sharkslayer - Skanking
Lasbas - Night Ride
Diplo & Laidback Luke - Hyi (Foamo remix)
Datsik & Flux Pavillion - Crunch
501 - Get Back
Gun Jack - Ghetto Blasta
Eek-A-Mouse - Wah Do Dem (Tes La Rok remix)
Don Goliath - Free Di Herbs (Oneson remix)
Tinga Stewart - Why Can't We Live Together?



What an awesome weekend that was!

On July 17th V2 (Large up to Brandon, Jeremy, and crew) brought me and the crew up to Salt Lake City to open for Benny Benassi. As the date got closer the presale ticket numbers started to skyrocket. The final attendance count is estimated to be in the 10,000 person range!

The show was perfect. Great sound (142k watts!), great vibes, Stevie and Mandrew throwing out swag, VJ SoSS on the screens, beer & vodka out of the trunk backstage, and a sea of unsuspecting ravers bombarded by bass. All of that was great but the highlight may have been arcOne strutting his shit in a disco ball inspired banana hammock giving safe driving tips.

Also thanks to Tek, Courtney, and Rx! You cats completed the weekend!

While it may not have be the most technical of sets, it mos def worked. I am especially partial to learning what it sounds like to have a moth fly under a needle when using Serato. Mmmm... special.

My live set is available by going to Soundfreq Music's homepage and signing up for the VIP dealio.


Cop Car vs. Nate Metro- "Get Loose Now (Intro Version)" [BassBoogie Recordings]
Matty Scoll & Jon Pegnato - "Basshole (Original Mix)" [Shush Music]
Matty Scoll & Jon Pegnato - "Basshole (Alternative Reality Jail Free remix)" [Shush Music]
Calvertron - "Doggy Style (DJ Bam Bam remix)" [Jack Knife]
Dynamic MC & Jack Beats - "What (Dub)" [Cheaper Thrills]
Nate Metro - "Hustlin' Interlude" [unreleased]
Rob Threezy - "WGTMUB" [Nightshifters]
Rico Tubbs - "It Gets No Better (Udachi Remix)" [Menu Music]
Cop Car - "Bum Rush The DS Drop" [BassBoogie Recordings]
Boltan - "Nine to Five (DZ Remix / Nate Metro Edit)" [Party Like Us Records]
Michael Jackson - "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough (Alex Rage Remix)" [Floor Bangers]
Udachi & Jubilee - "Paypur" [forthcoming on Nightshifters]
Cop Car - "Bass Face Tranny-istion" [BassBoogie Recordings]
Nate Metro - "Gato Means Cat (Original Mix)" [Soundfreq Music]
Nate Metro - "Gato Means Cat (Matty Scoll's rough draft remix) [forthcoming on Soundfreq
Mightyfools - "Amsterdam feat. Guerilla Speakerz (Original Mix)" [Venga Digital
Yacek - "Hyphy Reggae (Nate Metro's Gunshot Mean Forward Mix)" [Shush Music]
Bass Weazal - "Kill The Fox" [Wearhouse Records]
Will Bailey & Wongo - "The Cannock Wobble (Hot Mouth Remix)" [Simma Records]
Nate Metro - "Senator's Got The Floor Interlude" [unreleased]
Nate Metro - "Eat Meat (Original Mix)" [Soundfreq Music]


New Release - Dirty Verde EP

On July 20th Soundfreq Music will be releasing my Dirty Verde EP.

This is a 3 track banger with two originals and a tool track. We are giving away the lead single, "Gato Means Cat", for a limited time. This track has received nods from Donald Glaude, Simply Jeff, and Matty Scoll.

Watch your bassbins and be sure to support when the EP comes out.

The whole EP will be released exclusively on Juno July 20th and iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, BeatsDigital, and more on August 3rd.


Just Another Michael Jackson Blog

So, I actually started to write a blog the evening of Michael's death but just could not find the words. The more I cruised around online the more I saw that others were able to immediately emote in a way I can't.

Then I remembered an anecdote I was raised on. It goes like this:

Take an entire library system and narrow it down to one library.
Take that one library and isolate a single section.
Within that section, find a shelf.
On that shelf search for a single book.
Open that book and find a chapter.
Then a paragraph.
Then a sentence.
And finally, a single word.

Though I can't think of the one word that sums up my feeling of MJ and his passing I can get it down to two: Thank you.


We Don't Speak Starbuckian

Geah. VJ Soss for that ass.

COP CAR Debut This Monday!

Monday June 8th COP CAR's debut release on BassBoogie, Loosen It Up, hits stores.

Well, ok. A store. But fuck it, we're proud. You can grab it at Junodownload.com under the breakbeat section. arcOne and I have been dropping this track for a minute and we can both tell you that it is kind of like a big dope reset button for the dance floor. As soon as it drops silly drunk girls put down their drinks jump around while dudes start making all sorts of faces like they are taking Myspace pictures. Trust me, its ridiculous.

If for some reason you just don't want to spend the $1.50 or so for some fresh music that may get you dusted off at the end of the night, just holler and I will see if I can slip you a download. We understand there is a recession and shit and for Christ's sake, we're not animals!

Free Shit!

So, SoundFreq Music's mastermind and veritable the Chuck Noris of EDM, Steve Konkel, was over at my crib the other night and we decided to fire up the ol' Serato and mix some tracks. To make things easier we decided to just throw his music on my computer and play off of it.

When all was said and done I found this little nugget he left behind. Turns out it's a fun remix he made and never intended to let it leave his playlist. Well, there goes that plan!

When I told him I wanted to post it for you cats to download he first said no. Then, in the Nate Metro style, I got him liquored up and pestered him until he decided to finally let me have my way.


(right-click to save)
"Chiller" Steve Konkel


COP CAR is joining the ranks and other news...

BassBoogie is proud to announce that we have signed COP CAR to our roster.

Who is COP CAR? We are not really sure except that he has been feeding us some pretty dope shit on the slide and we had to make him set up a myspace page.

So go add him and keep your eye out for future releases.

In other news, I just wrapped up a remix for Soundfreq's Steve Konkel on his new monster track, "Welcome Danger". Be sure to check the fuck-step breakdown. The samples are from an actual Speak n Spell and there is a preview available on JunoDownload. The release is slated for June 15th.


Flashing Lights Are Bright

What happens when you get three of the dopest DJ's in New York together? Apparently you get Flashing Lights. DJ Ayres (T&A Records, The Rub), Jubilee (Nightshifters Records) and Nick Catchdubs (Fools Gold co-founder) have teamed up to to bring the people of Brooklyn a bad-ass time.

The best part for all of us too far from the party to make it? So far they have released three mixes to promote their night. Theses mixes aren't exactly new to many but when I stumbled on them a few months ago they quickly became favorites. They are all super clean, diverse, and contain many advance promos and rarities.

DJ Ayres has long been a favorite of mine with his diversity and fearless use of music that is not always the best known or immediately accepted. I mean shit, I even have a crunk mix by him that is sick. I am thouroughly impressed with the quality of all three and feel that together they kill it.

Big up Ayres. Big up Catchdubs. Big up Jubilee. Keep it coming.

(Right Click and Save-As)

Flashing Lights Mix 1

Flashing Lights Mix 2

Flashing Lights Mix 3

Watch your bassbins UK!

We are proud to announce that BassBoogie will now be releasing tracks by COP CAR, Select-All, and others on Juno Download!

Stay tuned for exclusives and promos before release.


Holy Toledo!

Got a dope heads up from a friend of mine, DJ G-Rising, who is a Canadian ex-pat running a fresh nightclub down in Costa Rica.

He told me about Toledo, who is blowing up and just finished some touring. They have such a unique sound that blends dancehall, reggae, and hip-hop with a nice blend of English and Spanish. I also appreciate their state side quality production.

Just thought I would share as big tings are coming from these guys. Can you say collab?


We're Number Five! We're Number Five!

Screen shot taken 5/12/09 at 11:30pm PST of the Electro House New Tracks Chart. At the time of writing this we actually fared a little better on the New Release Chart holding a number one.

Well, Eat Meat came out on Monday and it appears to be doing well. We are steadily holding good chart ranking on the various JunoDownload charts including this one. While the link is not static and the results are always changing, rest assured we have PLENTY of screen shots for the old scrap album!

While fifth place may not be first, I'm ok with that. This being my first release not as a remixer I think its pretty cool and damn it, I'm proud. So I have decided to go ahead and talk Stevie and the SoundFreq crew into printing some t-shirts that proudly state: "We're Number Five!" Why? Because mediocricy is, well, just OK with me.

Now, taking my tongue out of my cheek, rumor is that a 'staff pick' recommendation is coming from the crew over at BeatsDigital. Thank you guys in advance! They have been nothing short of awesome with us.

On the flip side of the Awesome Coin, AudioJelly still hasn't uploaded the track to their store though the release took place two days ago. Guess those cats either don't give a fuck or need a better calendar app for their iPhones. Thumbs up in the professionalism department! Now, I'm here writing this and wondering if they may read it and get pissy but even if they do, it will obviously take at least a couple days for them to let me know.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this release. If you haven't scooped a copy yet, then please support and get it here. Then, hit me up on the space and let me know what you think.


Eat Soundfreq For Dinner

I am proud to announce that I have joined the SoundFreq Music family and will be releasing originals and remixes on a near monthly basis with them.

The first release is EAT MEAT and features several remixes including one by Shush Music's resident bad ass Matty Scoll. It will be available on May 11th on JunoDownload, BeatsDigital, and AudioJelly.

Be sure to check out all three mixes. The original is a dirty bassline four on the floor with some nice percussion while Matty's Booty Bridge remix is some dope techy house with a nice flip on the bassline, and the Select-All 'Fuck Step' mix is for all you half time and break beat heads.



Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player


Picture this...

This is freekin' crazy. I was fumbling around the net and stumbled a dude named Bastwood's site. This cat has done some super nerdy bad ass shit and figured out how people like Aphex Twin and Venetian Snares have used images to make music. I know, I know, sounds nuts right? Well here's the fresh part. By using a spectrometer program you can actually see the images.

Make sure you check out his page and some of the links provided. I would be happy to write how this all works but you may just want to get it from the source. Since this technique has been around for atleast a decade I wonder how many have actually used it.